Huge Holiday Sale on Veritas Cosmetics

Happy Holidays Lovers!
As most of you know this year was a difficult one for myself as well as for  those of you watching from home.

I feel like I owe you all a little explanation as well as a hearty holiday discount on or www.

So here it goes upon leaving MobWives I was offered so many projects that I couldn't possibly do them all but if you know me at all;You know that I tried!

    After filming several projects (more than 6) and working my tail off (but not my horns don't worry) I found myself exhausted and not truly pleased with any single idea I had been presented well except for 1 and that 1 failed due to budget constraints. 
     But at least I had the holidays to look fwd too and with my birthday being on thanksgiving this year was going to be great,that was until my grandmother landed in the hospital for 3 weeks encompassing the corresponding dates of my birthday,thanksgiving and the Mobwives premiere party :( so here it is December and I'm exhausted  having done literally nothing that you will see on tv anytime soon. I feel like I've let down the viewing public but every cloud does have it's Silverlining At least we've got Karen Gravano back on MobWives this season! I love her dearly as you all know and I'm so sorry that I didn't get to celebrate with her but that night in particular it was crucial that I stay with my grandmother& it was worth it because grandma is making a remarkable recovery. I'd really like to Thank those of you that prayed for my Grandma's recovery&celebrate the holidays with you by discounting all of veritas cosmetics  with discounts up to 60%! So check out the site for some great stocking stuffers at their new discounted prices and if it's not makeup ur looking for stop by my /shop/UrMaddesrHatter for jewelery,hats,scarves,gloves and even dollhouse miniatures. I'll post more details and photos as they become available.

Thank You,Love Majewski