1st Annual Chaata.com Event

The ladies of Veritas Cosmetics were honored to be invited to speak at the first ever annual http://www.chaata.com/ power moms dinner. By now your wondering what's a http://www.chaata.com/? It's only the most brilliant social networking tool ever devised for mothers,that's all. You see founder Natalie Licini & a group of mothers got together & decided to take all that information that you can only get from other mothers & make it available free on the internet. So much like Facebook,twitter,mnyspace & blogger All mothers from all areas are welcomed to join & post freely what your experiences are. Do you have trouble getting out in the mornings? maybe someone has a tip for you? Are you looking for a sitter, new carriage,reputable pediatrician,child friendly hair salon? all this and more is available on Chaata.com in addition to member benefits! As a member you are entitled to special discounts in your area.

I found the idea fascinating and the possibilities endless. Women from all walks of life spoke, from homemakers,to publicists,salon owners & photographers. Such an exciting & informative group that I'd highly reccomend attending next years dinner to all.

Veritas Cosmetics spoke about timing your morning beauty routine to make it the most effective,siting that statistically mothers of young children spend less than 6 minutes beautifying themselves in the morning & that includes their skincare regimen!
Here are just a few time conserving suggestions :

1.Take your toothbrush & your facial cleanser in the shower with you.

2.Multi-Functional products are can be your best friends for example Cherry bomb lip & cheek stain by Veritas, it's the size of your average lipgloss tube & it's all your makeup in one! The lip,cheek & eye stain come in 2 colors ( bombs away & licorice) & the opposing end has a high shine gloss wit breath refreshing peppermint oil.

3. Temporary -Tattoo eyeliners from Veritas available in 5 colors (caviar,mink,envy,pinot noir & platinum) the eyeliners come in a gel form in a screw top glass pot, using a fine liner brush glide liner over the tops of eyes and allow to set that's it for 3 -5 days! using your traditional remover you can remove your shadow & mascara but line will remain unless you utilize a waterprof eye make up remover on it.

4.Moisturizers with SPF in them like "Protect "from Veritas eliminate the need for a seperate sun protection during the day.

5.Every mom on the go is a fan of the pony tail, but all that gel,wax & pomade can take a toll on your hair,try usig a heavy conditioning pack (we like kerastase masquintense) and slick wet hair with a comb into your pony tail when hair dries it will hold just as though gel were in it but when you rinse your hair will feel soft & healthier)

These are just a few of the suggestions for mor ideas for moms on the move checkout http://www.chaata.com/

VERITAS COSMETICS: 10 tricks celebrity Make Up Artists use to keep yo...

VERITAS COSMETICS: 10 tricks celebrity Make Up Artists use to keep yo...: "Recently while training a new Makep Artist I was asked why do you do that? and it occured to me that alot of the techniques we use as commo..."


VERITAS COSMETICS: *NEW SUMMER PRODUCT ALERT*: "Attention ladies with brown lipliner on a nude lip color. Lipliner should NEVER be more than one shade deeper than the color of your lipsti..."

How to get the most out of your makeover

Whether it's a night on the town or a milestone event in your life,the appearance of your makeup is an important part of your ocassion.Using a professional makeup artist is beneficial in many ways:

~1stly you're eliminating that last minute stress of getting your makeup "just right" and saving yourself prep time.
~2ndly you'll get a whole new perspective on your face,most women tend to stick with a look they feel works and don't alternate many colors or styles simply sticking with what works can get you in a "makeup rut" .Letting a makeup artist try something new is a great way to look great & feel special without making a huge investment.
~3rd A certified / licensed makeup artist is trained specifically in contouring and highlighting your face to disguise flaws and draw attention to your better features thus giving you a more polished look.

Communication is the most important aspect of a professional makeover,have an idea what you like yet be flexible & open to suggestions. We encourage clients to cut out photos from magazines of looks they like but also remind them every face is different and bone structure plays a large part in the look that's right for you. You won't look exactly like Angelina if your blonde n blue eyed.Bring your makeup bag with you,allow your makeup artist to help you decide what needs to be replaced or updated and it allows them the chance to review that your utilizing your tools & makeup to their fullest potential.

When it comes to Bridal makeup a trial is an absolute MUST;this will enable you to get a sense of how you are going to look on your big day.A great tip is to schedule your trial when you have somewhere to go or better yet on the day of your engagement photos,so you'll look perfect in both pictures.If this is not possible then be sure to take a picture of your makeup that day so you know how it will appear in photos.Wedding makeup is alot more complicated than it appears even the most flawless of skins can appear washed out in pictures if not treated properly.Even if you are not a religious makeup user or you don't like the feel of makeup.With the introduction of airbrushing and High Definition products;it's now possible to acheive perfection,without feeling, or looking like you are wearing makeup.Yet wearing the wrong makeup can be immortalized in photos eternally.Here's one simple example everyone likes a little shimmer or a sparkle on their special day yet mica & glitters reflect light in professional lenses and often cause red eye or glare in the photo. A dewy natural skin can be so beautiful on a bride yet without an HD primer dewy becomes oily under photo lamps very quickly.

Last but not least ,take care of your skin,it;s never too late to get a skincare regimen in place.The healthier the skin is the better the makeup will appear.Remove your makeup every night.Use a good moisturizer/eye cream in the A.M & P.M. SPF is important and should be worn daily.Consult with your makeup artist for reccomendations on cleansers,moisturizers,exfoliaters & masks.

Don't forget your makeover is a personal service,get involved,ask questions,do research,Makeup is fun and any reputable makeup artist will love to share with you their educational experiences and opinions on your individual look.It's nice to get referrals from friends but be sure whomever you choose is licensed or certified in the field.Never trust your big day to an amateur.Professionals adhere to strict sanitization standards & will be sure to acheive any look you desire.

Mary Stephens
Resident Educator/MakeUp Artist
VERITAS Cosmetics

10 secrets to summer beauty

Here are just 10 amazing tricks to keep you looking cool in the heat from the Make Up Masterminds behind VERITAS COSMETICS:

1.Try not to leave ur makeup bag/purse in the car too long even a quick run into the store can turn your favorite cocoa pencil into hot chocolate;For a quick save from a make up meltdown store ur lip and eye pencils in the freezer until they reharden,then just sharpen and Voila! good as new.

2.To avoid Liquid lipstick... keep lipsticks in the fridge so they wont melt or smudge and their quite refreshing when applying chilled,this is especially great for lip balm in the cooler at the pool or beach.

3.Opt for a gel eyeliner in a pot during really hot days. Ours is sweat proof,waterproof and won't melt in your purse.The consistency remains the same in all temperatures so it'll glide on easily whether it's 20 below or 200 degrees. We offer 5 shades: Caviar,Mink,Pinot Noir,Envy & Ice.

4.Professional Make Up artists have long known the benefits of a good foundation primer,But now it's a proven fact! According to a Good Housekeeping Research Institute test, primer helped volunteers' makeup look better and hold up throughout the day (even after a sweltering stint in our 80-degree, high-humidity chamber)So never underestimate their worth especially when a client has a photo shoot or an affair, their makeup MUST stay in place.
If you've tried them in the past and weren't pleased,try again my friend, The new silicone based formulas are light weight and leave skin silky smooth while keep pores tight and makeup set all day.It's a MUST HAVE for all june brides and summer proms.

5.Change your "Makeup Wardrobe" just as you would swap out your winter/summer clothes!:

~ Lighten up your lip colors instead of using those deep sensual shades you wore in the winter, try a light colored gloss to make your tan pop or a cherry colored stain to make your smile look even brighter,Don't forget to match your liner to your new shade& remember lip liner should NEVER be more than one shade deeper than your lip shade color,I reccomend Veritas clear,waterproof lip liner in Empress for use with sheer glosses and hard to match summer colors.It will keep your lip line moist without letting your gloss bleed or lipstick wear off.

~Keep your face feeling light & dewy by replacing your winter foundation with a light/sheer foundation with less coverage,If you don't want to buy new face makeup invest in a synthetic foundation brush,it'll give you a lighter more even application,a bare skin look,As an extra bonus you'll save makeup! it takes much less makeup to moisten a brush than it does to moisten a sponge plus its reusable (sponges are single use) and can be washed everyday!So no more buying sponges all the time.

~Trade your black eyeliner and mascara for a lighter summer eye by replacing them with a brown mascara and either a soft "olive" green or a light brown pencil to "soften" your appearance.

6.Always use an SPF! not just at the beach but always!Try bringing makeup remover towelettes to the beach with you,keep them in the cooler and clean SPF,Tanning Oils off your face A.S.A.P. to avoid summer break outs & clogged pores.

7.Avoid wearing clear lip glosses to the beach,Either wear a colored gloss or an SPF balm,Clear glosses act as a super conductor for sunlight use something with pigment to lessen your exposure and keep lips supple.

8.Apply bronzers realistically, we all like to look tan but all too often we become overzealous and can get heavy handed with the bronzing brush while forgetting the neck and decolletage, so be sure your bronzer is a realistic shade for you and focus only on areas wear the sun would hit you naturally, if your just rubbing the brush all over ur face never looks natural.

9.It's important to stay Hydrated! Water is crucial to healthy skin,But in the event of water retention (puffiness in the eye area) a small dab of Preparation H on the puffy area will cause the tissue to shrink thus making puffiness temporarily disappear.AVOID GETTING IT IN THE EYE! it will burn like hell, remember this is just a quick fix it is not to be used to frequently nor is it in place of an eye cream.

10.#10 is my special #,Since these are secrets from industry insiders that don't all refer to makeup.

~ In order for models to keep their feeting from sliding in their sandals ( creating toe overhang) BLECH They swipe the soles of their feet w/deodorant befor putting on sandals

~In a pinch if you really feel like your sweating and you don't want your makeup to run,excuse yourself to the powder room then run cold water over the insides of your wrists,Wrists are a pulse point &It'll instantly drop your body temperature by a few degrees and save your makeup.

I hope you ladies find our summer make up tips this interesting and I'd love to hear any of yours if u dont mind sharing...XOXOXOX

What's all the fuss about MINERAL makeup?

Unlike traditional products, mineral makeup, which is based on a hypoallergenic loose powder that naturally nourishes the skin, contains no perfumes, talc, alcohol, dyes, mineral oil or preservatives. Not surprisingly, dermatologists are pleased. Many dermatologists report that mineral makeup frequently eliminates classic "irritants" like fragrances, binders, synthetic dyes, and preservatives so it's actually healthier and can be kinder to the skin. Eliminating irritants means eliminating potential break outs and allergies.

Especially during summer months when the heat leaves your pores open to collect perspiration and makeup creating blackheads and impacted sweat glands.

Clients hates summer break outs yet their addicted to their bronze baby glow.VERITAS saw a solution,by creating healthier bronzing powders from all natural minerals in gorgeous must have shades. You can choose from loose or pressed and always be a bronzed goddess without worrying about your skin.

Visit BonneJolie today and chose your shade of VERITAS Bronzed babies.
or call 718-477-1011 and schedule your makeover with a VERITAS professional.

Peace,Love & Lipstick

VERITAS appoints National MakeUp Artist

Veritas Cosmetics is proud to announce the appointing of Kelly Lucchese as their National Makeup Artist. Kelly began her makeup career with Bobbi Brown cosmetics over thirteen years ago where her experiences took her as far as Japan, Guam, Taiwan and Paris. Yet as a native New Yorker Kelly began to miss the pulse of the city. Upon her return she worked numerous fashion shows with designers such as Vera Wang ,Bob Mackie ,Halston ,Escada , Catharine Malandrino , Oscar De larenta and many more. Working with Television and Music stars ( David Letterman,Macey Grey etc..)She mastered the art of HD application & can create a flawless finish for your Photos .Having worked with beauty editors such as Sarah Brown from Vogue she's learned to predict upcoming trends in makeup,while making them wearable for everyday.For more information about Kelly or to see when she'll be visiting your area contact Info@VeritasMakeup.com or you can book your makeover directly with Kelly personally at Kelly@VeritasMakeup.com . Let Veritas reveal your beauty truths!


Attention ladies with brown lipliner on a nude lip color. Lipliner should
be more than one shade deeper than the color of your lipstick. Apparently some women haven't realized how artificial it looks when they use a liner thats much darker than their lipstick.Your winter make up and summer make up should be changed with the seasons just like your wardrobe.So what do you do when you just cant wait to get that sheer nude gloss that looks so sexy on your precious pout but don't want it melting off in the heat? We've got a solution for you..

Veritas introduces "CLEAR" waterproof liner for summer! Prevents even sheer glosses from fading off & bleeding out of your lipline into fine lines or feathering in the creases around your mouth. Your lipstick will last twice as long and you'll look gorgeous all day.No more having to find just the right shade for every lipstick. Now it's just gloss it and GO!

What is VERITAS?

In Roman mythology VERITAS is the goddess of truth. A beautiful ,young virgin dressed in flowing white robes.It was said that she was so elusive she lived at the bottom of a holy well atop a hillside outside of the city,Ancient Romans believed that if you approached the holy well with honesty in your heart Veritas would reveal to you, your inner beauty.

That's the philosophy of VERITAS COSMETICS - "Truth in beauty"
It's about revealing your innermost beauty by accenting your best featurea & drawing the focus towards them.

Beginning with simplified skincare:
NO expensive creams,NO harsh chemicals, NO seperate creams for eye,face,throat & decolletage,NO false claims of being all natural or organic.Just pure botanical skincare.The truth revealed 94% natural botanicals like: Pure Shea Butter,Chamomile,Japanese green tea,Aloe,Mango,Essential oils,Coconut cream & Sugar beets to name a few..

Our foundations contain wheat germ & Vitamin E improving elasticity as you heal& camouflage blemishes or discolorations.

Lipcolors that last all day! Vanilla extracts & Cocoa powder make every kiss deliciously unforgettable while Vitamin E keeps lips supple and moist. NO plumping,NO exfoliating,NO collagen boosters just true ingredients to keep lips looking luscious.

Waterproof eyeliner pencils that glide on with out drying or tugging at your delicate eyelids while leaving an opaque line all day even in the pool or at the beach!

Our eyeshadows have creamlike emollients baked into rich pigments so that powder shadows stay true to color and dont dry or crease through out the day like shadows made of compressed powder that give a chalky finish and leave your under eyes looking dusty.

Brushes made of only the finest quality materials including sable, so that every implement that touches your face is as delicate as your skin and leaves a smooth flawless finish,While brushes the require daily washing as foundation,concealer & eyeliner brushes are constructed of sturdy synthetics so not to lose hairs and shed during shampooing.

These are just a few of the beauty truths you can learn with VERITAS. Visit Bonne Jolie salon on 2317 Richmond ave. Staten Island,N.Y.10314 to experience VERITAS, or call 718-477-1011 and book an appointment to reveal your beauty truths with a Veritas artist.